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Attitude. Knowledge. Skill.
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Welcome to AKS Firearms Instruction. As a student at AKS Firearms Instruction you will enjoy friendly, low-key instruction that will result in great growth in your attitude with, knowledge about and skill in handling firearms. 

What are people saying?
Bridget and Eileen
"We had the best instruction with Tom, I highly recommend AKS. I was not confident while handling my gun and so I didn’t use it. Tom said that will stop today and it did I feel well informed, safe and confident thanks to the instruction I received with AKS and now want my entire family to take the class, thanks so much for teaching me correct, safe and confident way to be a gun owner" - BM
"I took Tom's basic pistol course and learned new things about sight alignment, trigger squeeze and breathing control. He’s a great Instructor and very knowledgeable in the field of shooting and most importantly safety and storage. I highly recommend him to anyone who is interested in learning about firearms and proper shooting techniques. I will take the knowledge I have learned through him and pass it along to whom ever asks where I learned proper shooting.
Thank you" - JG
“I had very little knowledge of handguns, and I wouldn’t go to a gun shop by myself. Tom did an excellent job of teaching me step-by-step the basics of firearms safety. I have since purchased a handgun, can properly clean and maintain it, and I am confident to go to the range to practice by myself.” - Frank
"Tom's calm and friendly personality made me feel safe as I learned about how to properly handle a firearm and made my first time shooting an experience I will never forget. When any of my friends have questions about gun safety, I always refer them to Tom for a hands on lesson." - Pam
spacer Gary
"Tom is an excellent instructor, with the one on one training there is no need to be embarrassed by what you don't know... he'll go at whatever pace you are comfortable and you will become more proficient in all aspects handling, cleaning, storing and shooting your firearm safely. Thank you Tom!" - J.J.