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AKS stands for Attitude, Knowledge and Skill. These are co-equal characteristics of a safe and responsible gun owner. Each course seeks to increase students' competence, confidence and mentality to be safe, gun-owning members of society and everyday ambassadors for the second amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

All classes are taught with a reverence to the God-given gift of human life.

There is much more to teaching than knowing one's subject matter. A teacher must connect with his or her students, understand what is important to them, and what intimidates them. A good teacher makes students begin to believe that they can achieve what they previously could not imagine.

I have been a teacher of middle school children for almost thirty years and am an NRA certified firearms instructor. Teaching is my craft and my joy. I also really like firearms! My goals with AKS are to turn fear into confidence, awkwardness into competence, and intimidation into achievability.
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