AKS Firearms Instruction
Attitude. Knowledge. Skill.
Basic Pistol Fundamentals CCW_1
NRA Basic Pistol Handgun Fundamentals
(not an NRA course)
Concealed Carry I
(not an NRA course)
This class is an excellent class for those who have never shot a handgun, want to know more and may be considering buying a handgun. There is a classroom and a live fire portion of the course. Successful completion yields you a certificate from the NRA and a new found confidence. Not an NRA course. This class focuses on safe, responsible gun ownership and the fundamentals of shooting. This course is geared for rank beginners and assumes no prior knowledge. There are both classroom and live fire portions of the class. Interesting, safe and fun! There is so much to consider when making the decision to carry a concealed weapon. This class can help you decide if concealed carry is for you. If you have already made that decision you will start to amass the necessary mindset, knowledge and skill for exercising such a sober right and responsibility.

To ensure a personalized and safe experience enrollment for AKS courses are limited to one to three students. All courses with AKS are scheduled for the mutual convenience of the enrollees and the instructor.

AKS is available to speak to civic organizations free of charge. Topics like gun safety and storage and the prepared mindset  are available. Message topics may be customized according to your group's needs and interests.